So, I have finally decided to venture into the world of the blogger – hello minions! However (and this is very awkward), before I could even begin to write the blog that will change the world I messed up. The title of this blog is supposed to refer to how I felt about blogs in general before I decided to join the bandwagon, therefore, as I stretched out my fingers to begin this process of self discovery – and of discovery – I arrogantly typed in the title. Low and behold, a familiar red fuzzy line appeared; turns out ‘Skepticism’ is spelt with a ‘K’ and not a ‘C’. I have decided to leave it up there like that, as a kind of memory, representing my first ever blogging experience, that if it begins to annoy me/I get too much hate from the editing community, I can simply take it down faster than you can say Likkeddy Split.

Let’s move on from that episode, and forget that my dreams of becoming an editor at any of the leading publishing houses across the globe (Penguin if you are reading this, I mean you) have slightly been stabbed in the heart at this pinnacle moment of my blog writing career.

Deep breath.

Move on.

Does this mean I now have to tell you a bit about myself? I’m going to assume so. I am a student at The University of Liverpool reading English Literature, about to embark on my third and final year of studenthood. One of the most saddening things about the inevitable end of being a ‘uni lass’ is the ticking down of the days when my student card will no longer be valid, and I, like the rest of modern society, will have to pay full price for clothes. The shame.

I am currently co-Editor of Ellipsis – my university’s only printed student magazine across campus. In later Blogs I will probably be moaning about this on a regular basis, as it is a very time consuming task that requires a lot of patience and determination. It’s an Arts and Culture magazine and we run largely from Advertising local businesses across Liverpool.

Enough of the boring small talk. Why am I writing a blog? Why… I think my reasoning’s derive from many factors. I’ll list them:

  1. My friend told me I needed to get out there and be heard. So I thought I would sit silently behind my computer eating cereal and let my fingers make the noise from all of this excessive tapping.
  2. I am actually quite bored – I live in Liverpool and my two other roommates have stuff going on, such as working for the government and hospital placements. I work for a hospitality agency, so I know things like the differences between red and white wine glasses, how to pour a Guinness properly and that polishing champagne flutes will be the hardest thing I will ever do. I’ve developed a hatred for glassware.
  3. I do like writing diaries, but I never finish them. My pen always runs out, or I get bored (usually the latter). I figured that I spend so much time on my laptop that I should make good use of my time, instead of stalking all the people that went to my school who now have babies, and deciding who has the ugliest baby.

Therefore, this blog will be a narrative of me, with regular themes and motifs that shall epitomize the meaning of this specific text (thought I would slam in some English Literature typical essay quotes for those of you who have done it in the past. How clever does writing a load of rubbish make you look these days!?)

I will talk about books, editing, running, me, university, politics (?), me, working, glasses, money, me, future plans, present opportunities, me, and my dog, Sam, who is my best friend.

I’ve just realised I was supposed to write about sKepticism, but through writing this blog I seem to have forgotten why I was so cynical in the first place about blog writing! Any chance to talk about myself to an invisible audience is both hilarious and psychologically cleansing.

I now pronounce the Beginning of Bethany’s Blogs!

P.S. Here is me on a recent night out, I thought it captured my true essence.Image


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