Black pudding Scotch eggs?!

A very entertaining shift tonight, I must say.

To make the night somewhat entertaining, myself and my colleagues decided to play the game of who can shove the funniest thing in their mouth. Food only.

I went straight in there and wolfed down a scotch egg, much to everyone’s disbelief. I don’t know if it was a mixture of the hilarity of the situation or the adrenaline rush of doing something you shouldn’t be, but that egg was the best darn egg I’d ever had. And I don’t even like scotch eggs!

However, I was defeated by a worthy opponent. Laid upon the buffet table were macaroons, yet these macaroons were about the same size as wagon wheels. I remember wagon wheels from my childhood, I hated them but ate them because they were chocolate.

Anyway, he shoved that down his throat in one, a bit like a pelican. The macaroon defeated the scotch egg.

This just goes to show how far students who work in hospitality are willing to go to a) get free food and b) make standing at a table watching fat men criticize you for serving spinach pastries fun.

I managed to skank one of them spinach bad boys too. And a macaroon. And a sandwich. And a flapjack. And some banana bread. No wonder I was sent home early.


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