Isn’t it ironic?

Last week I hit a bit of a wall – sick of working in hospitality and wanting to find something more fulfilling within part time work, I applied for a large range of jobs online. These ranged from a half-hearted application for working in Greggs and Boots, and to working with Asylum Seekers, the elderly and lastly, in sales.

Having heard nothing for a few days, I slowly began to think that the only job available with someone like me is actually hospitality, even though I hated the thought. Many times I have been at work, and customers will ask me why I am stuck in a job like this, when I should be attending the events as part of the companies we provide catering for. I reply with the usual – I need the money, it’s easy work, I’m still at university… but I don’t ever feel like these reasons justify the larger cause. So what if I’m only twenty? Many twenty year olds are already in these businesses and working within careers they love, whilst I am stuck in a job that involves a lot of waiting around and searching for stale bread to eat behind the curtain.

I am delighted to tell you that having already secured a bar job over the weekend, I have an interview tomorrow for a sales company in Liverpool. I’ve never done sales before, and know literally squat all about business and the public sector, yet I guess I am more than willing to try. 

I also heard back from the elderly care home, asking if I could fill out an application form.

Looks like I have a little bit of a choice in my hands. It’s better than polishing champagne flutes.

ANYTHING is better than that. 


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