Feast or Famine.

Why can there be no middle ground between unemployment and over-employment? Last week, I had nothing on. This week, I barely have time to breathe. It’s all a bit overwhelming, and I am starting to get annoyed at the fact that I have to much to do and so little time, when last week I couldn’t have asked for more time. Time was my best pal, and I hated him. He was like a boyfriend that doesn’t leave you alone – too clingy and emotionally unstable to leave you.

But now! I miss Time! I have no Time! Like a typical woman that men always moan about, I want what I used to have. I am the girl who complains about her lover treating her badly, yet dislikes the nice guy that tries, and fails, to sweep her off her feet. It makes me wonder what I want. What does anyone want? Do we only know what we want when we lose it, or when we have it, or will we never find it unless we decide to accept that real life is here and now, and we must engage with it…?

These blogs are getting so philosophical, flippin’ ridiculous.


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