I’m doing well, I think. This new job is hard work, and more challenging than any other previous job I have had, but it’s right for me, plus it’s rewarding. There’s something about working on commission that puts people off, because of the risk. But I have come to realise that the rewards will be so much better! By earning my money based purely on how many customers I can sign up to whatever charity my team is promoting on that day is terrifying, but it’s increased my work ethic ridiculously. I used to work in hospitality and always found an excuse not to work as hard, as I was getting paid no matter what. I realise now that if I applied the same hard graft that I do now in sales to then, the percentage of tips would have been astronomical. That’s kind of gutting to think about.

To be honest, I had to quit my bar job (no more Coyote Ugly references I am afraid), because I decided I needed to jump 100% headfirst into sales – to break out of my comfort zone. I have learnt that is the only way I will ever be able to grow, and to develop as not only an employee, but as a person. You can see just by reading this that my mentality has changed somewhat from even the past couple of days.

Who knows though guys? I could actually achieve my dreams, my goals and aspirations. Just by a switching on of the brain. Who knows what any of us can achieve, until we take the first blind leap into the world and attack.


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