I’m going to China soon, have I ever mentioned that? I don’t think I have. I think it’s because it’s kind of been a thing that I have been planning since January, and will happen in the future, sometime later on… 

It is a feeling very similar to when you are in school, college –  hell, even university – when you are like ‘Oh yeah, when I get married in my twenties…’ Well now I am 20. And now it is August (nearly) and I am going to China very very soon. Yikes.

I should probably explain what I am doing in China, as reading what I have written thus far seems like I am going to China forever. This is not the case. I am taking part in a charity trek along the Great Wall for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and no, not all of the wall, as it is over 5000 miles long and we are only trekking for a week. Did you know that you can’t actually see the wall from the moon? 

So, we have had to individually raise £2500 for the charity, to prove our worth almost? Not really, it does go to the charity (and some towards getting us there) but we do have to raise it to qualify actually going. I have bag packed many a bag, bucket collected, begged, pleaded and even held a charity quiz. Apparently the quiz was far too hard for our ‘quizees’, something which they told us whilst we were reading out the questions. I felt like I was being heckled. IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE, GUYS!

I’ve kind of blanked now. You would think that going to China would inspire such a fantastic blog! However, it seems I am more able to write about the mundane, every-day kind of activities. Like swimming, and not trekking a wonder of the ancient world.


P.S. The charity is actually such a good one, hence making the fundraising all worth the while. If you do want to donate,

This is my half-hearted attempt at getting more money, as my deadline is soon. I know, I am pathetic. Support me, if not the children involved in the charity? Oh god. 


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