Justin Timberlake. Boo.

Guys, I am disappointed. 

Recently I have been listening to Justin Timberlake’s new album, 20/20, non-stop. I have listened to it in the shower, whilst running, on the train, in my room, when I’m bored, when I’m cooking, when I’m walking the dog, when I’m feeling good, when i’m feeling bad etc etc we all love JT. His songs are quirky, electronic, catchy – OK I’m going to stop right there. I can’t review music! I’m here to have a bit of a feminist moan. If you want music, go read this. It’s fab. http://riannekatethompson.wordpress.com/

SO. Imagine my disappointment when I discover that the music video JT has released for ‘Tunnel Vision’ contains a large array of half naked ladies dancing around the whole place. Literally half naked, like, you can see areolas. Literally.

My first thought was, what will Jessica Biel have had to say about this? And secondly, for a man who claims to woo women by wearing his Suit and Tie, why must he have them parading around, boobs flailing everywhere whilst he stands and slowly jigs, pretending to have a zoom in camera? The women are also, as my friend pointed out, about a dress size minus 2. Such a lovely and healthy image to portray to young girls, many of which regularly cry rivers over JT, wishing that they too can be his Senorita (hehe).

Now, I appreciate that this video was only played after a certain time of day, as there are two versions of it. One with naked ladies, one without. However, this does not excuse the fact that it still presents women in an objectified and stupid way! When oh when will there be a video about a man appreciating a woman who is reading, or studying, or writing a blog… I mean, I bet there are some out there. But it’s not the general consensus. There will always be naked women dancing around fully clothed men. Another example – Miley Cyrus has decided to wear next to nothing and twerk in her new video, along side wrestling with a poor girl and feeling her breasts. WHERE IS THE NECESSITY?! It’s a sure long way off from Hannah Montana, let me tell you. And no, I did not watch that religiously. Or know all the songs.

I thought I would write this blog to summarise feelings I had a few days ago. And I do feel a bit better ranting about these skinny women. At least I did, until I broke the chair I was sat on. 


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