I’m back.

Well, I guess I am back! I have been away in China for two weeks (as previous blogs have moaned/screamed about) and apart from that fortnight gap, I don’t really have an excuse to not have visited here apart from 1. Laziness, 2. Lack of motivation and 3. Sleeping too much.

For instance, this morning I woke up at 7am (not because I meant to – because I was woken up by a text message). Luckily I wasn’t angry about this unexpected alarm, and was quite ready to seize the day. So, I ate my breakfast of Honey and Nut Shredded Wheat – Bitesize – and watched some old episodes of 90210, all the while thinking that today was going to be a productive day, full of reading, exercising and more reading. 

11am hit, and I had read 10 pages of ‘The Lonely Londoners’ by Sam Selvon, as it is on my reading list for a module I have taken this coming semester. It’s quite good so far, however it does not have any chapters. Therefore, I cannot take little breaks, I have to physically put down the book mid-page/mid-paragraph/mid-word and have a little rest. Which is exactly what I did, except this rest lasted for two hours, where I dreamt I was the character of Silver in 90210, and I had taken a drug that made me slightly crazy at a school disco. I woke up to another text, which informed me that my boyfriend had been at the gym performing kick-ass cardio exercises. I had been snoozing. Thus, I felt pretty poo.

I got up, had another bowl or cereal, waited an hour, and decided to go on a run. Instead of running at a normal pace for 4.5 miles (my usual routine), I decided to sprint a 2 mile run. Big mistake. I felt like my heart was about to explode from my chest, that my eyes were going to pop out of my skull, that my cereal was going to come out the wrong end of my face – all this for a claim that I ran my fastest 1k ever. Thank you Nike Sport. 

So I came back, showered, felt dizzy, lay down, and eventually felt normal again. Sat here, I must tell you that I still haven’t picked up my discarded novel. It is 18.46. I did, however, cycle to ASDA, using my bike for the first time. It was a pretty frightening experience, as I decided to use the road and not the path as I am twenty years old and therefore should have enough common sense for my own road safety. I was confused though – as a cyclist, do I have to stop at the traffic lights? It seems logical that I do, however I feel like I am exempt from these rules as a person on wheels, even though I am sure they apply. I guess that’s why I failed my Cycling Proficiency Test when I was 10. Technically, should I even be allowed on the road? I didn’t get my badge, sob.

So. Here I am. Back to Blogging. Back to Black. Back to Reality (oops, there goes gravity). Back to being a Bore. But I still have ten followers! Yes, one of them is myself. And one is my best friend. But thanks guys!

I really do have a knack for writing about utterly nothing. 


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