This is going to be another rant.


I have so much to do! Seriously, I can’t even think about organizing myself. I even devised an academic timetable to sort myself out academically, as I am a third year now and need to have some serious ‘head down in ma books’ time. I did not manage to timetable in other things, like cleaning the house which always needs to be cleaned, like sorting out emails for university, Ellipsis and myself, for catching up on reading, for visiting relatives, for sleeping, for being a nice person… I seem to be too tired to do any of these things even though I really am trying to be. I really am as Busy as a B(ETHANY) at the moment. And I do not like it.

Or do I like it? There was a time over Summer, I forget whether I wrote about this or not, when I was sitting around in my room doing absolutely nothing. I think I became a borderline depressant, as something as small as an intruding fly made me cry. To be fair, the fly became a swarm of flies that blizzarded my house, turning my living area into an apocalyptic nightmare, and I began questioning what I had done in my life to make God not want to take me into heaven. If there is a God. Or a heave. WHOAH EVERYTHING JUST GOT DEEP!

What I mean to say is, am I being ungrateful? Or do I, like everyone else, just like to have a good old moan now and again? Probably both, y’know.

This is a short blog, as I have places to be. So it probably isn’t grammatically correct. I’m so tired I just had to spell check ‘grammatically’. 

The end. For now.


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