If I haven’t mentioned already, this year I have the delight of being in charge of The University of Liverpool’s student led magazine, Ellipsis. I joined in January 2012 as a feeble little first year, and gradually worked my way up to the top position alongside another, as to tackle this role is definitely a two person job.

I thought I should mention the magazine, as it has recently become a big part of my life and daily routine. There are so many emails to read and send, an entire team to manage, a magazine to create, submissions to consider, formalities to pass, advertising to secure and social events to smash. But let’s take a look at it, shall we?


Here is Issue 9, my first baby. Now, I know it looks like a print screen, and that’s because it is – I have tried and tried to make it into a single image and I’ve had a long day and cannot be bothered trying again (twice now – I know three’s the charm but, just, shut up).

We are an arts and culture magazine, focusing on the events/people/places of Liverpool. We accept submissions written only by UofL students, yet interview people from outside of the area if we manage to secure a good one. For instance, we interviewed Alt-J before Summer for Issue 8, for all you hipsters out there. 

Have a look at our website for more information. It feels like I’m trying to sell you the magazine, and in some ways I am. But I am inviting you to love it mainly, just like how I do (even though at times I would like it destroyed). 


After all, the gap is yours to fill. Thought that would be a nice conclusive statement (as it is our tagline), but every time I say it I feel like I am making a perverted, inviting comment.


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