Boys and video games

I’m going to try (for once) not to rant today. But I feel powerless in my angst against boys who have girlfriends who also seem to be dating their X-Box. I’m actually a pretty cool girlfriend – I don’t mind when he goes out and sees his friends, I don’t get jealous (ish), I cook and clean without moaning (sometimes) and occasionally buy him treats (like chicken wings when he has been a really good boy). However, every single day since he has brought up his games from home, the TV has been nearly constantly on GTA 5 or Battlefield – the games that aren’t even interesting to watch.

Now, I am partial to a bit of the old playstation, after having received one as a gift from my godfather at the age of 12. My sisters and I used to love playing Kingdom Hearts, Crash Bandicoot, Simpsons Hit and Run and occasionally (as I was a pretty chubby child) the iconic Dancemat. The amount of times my mother used to walk in on the three of us stamping heavy footed around the living room to ‘End of the Century’ are countless. I can still remember some of the moves, but let’s move on as I am forgetting why I am angry.

I don’t want to say all the typical things, like ‘Ooh, it’s giving children the wrong idea about violence and guns’ because he’s 20 years old and although calls himself a ‘badman’ he is anything but. Which I like by the way. My point is simply that I get bored! The noise in the living room is either gunshots or car engines, and as this is a house occupied by three girls I would prefer to hear the noises of Beyonce, wine glasses clinking and teary arguments with our partners. This is all getting drowned out by THIS STUPID GAME. Along with his occasional outburst of ‘YES MAN’ when he shoots someone on target. Well done boy, you managed to press a button and make no difference to the world. Open up your bloomin’ textbook and do your work.

Unfortunately for me, he’s one of them people that do well anyway. I think I’m just a bit jealous. What I would give to journey into the Wrath of Cortex once more…


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