How do you know when you’re supposed to be sorry? 

I guess I could leave it like that. But when someone very close to you has found themselves hurt by an action you caused, should you always apologise? You can apologise for their upset, but perhaps not for the action.

Sometimes we do things accidentally, not realising that our words have the ability to really hurt and cause pain to others. But when you don’t understand why you have caused this pain, you cannot really be sorry as being ‘sorry’ means that you won’t do the said action again. How can you be sorry about something you don’t recognise as being hurtful, whether accidental or deliberate?

I don’t know. It’s just been something on my mind today. And I said I would blog every day, and I’m afraid not every day do I have the ability to write in a funny way. That kind of rhymes (see I’m still there!). Poet and I don’t know it/don’t want to be one as many poets these days are pretentious and melancholic – two traits that I heavily despise (and its unfortunately the base emotions that shines through the poetry submissions for Ellipsis). 

I do apologise for this post. I will strive not to be melancholic again, lovely readers!

Oh the bitter irony. 


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