I am so tired that today I literally fell asleep twice in my tutorial. Genuinely did the whole head slump-head jerk-look around quickly to see if you were caught look. It didn’t help that my friend and I were sat next to a radiator in a two hour seminar, trapped in  room that is already stuffy to begin with. The weather wasn’t even cold outside. I was living in my own version of hell.

I don’t even know why I am still awake. Last night I managed to fall asleep around four o’clock, thanks to my boyfriend who woke me up after finishing his work (he is a night owl, or a vampire?) and than proceeded to wake up at 7am to get into uni for 9am. This is after having to ride into uni on my bike which always seems to be a perilous journey filled with angry Scousers on their way to work and myself getting a stitch half way; this was really odd as I am quite a fit person (…steady!) so this had me stumped. I think I ate my cereal too quickly…

Stop making excuses Beth, put down the cake!

Anyway, after my Samwise Gamgee-esque trip into Mount Doom (uni) I managed to get to my lecture, and then proceeded straight after to another lecture, followed directly with a two hour tutorial (this is after a mini-talk about ‘career prospects’ which made me want to curl up into a ball and cry on the pavement. The leaflet we were given used words like ‘Action’ and ‘Jobs’ which are two big no-no’s. As my friend said, ‘I’m 20. Do I want a job? NO’).

After this I have a half an hour break to eat my Tesco meal deal, then straight off to another tutorial for an hour and a half and then boom. All again tomorrow.

Jokes, I do English.

That’s the only day I’m in.

So after all this complaining about being tired and having a busy day, I get to have a lovely lie in tomorrow. I’ve blanked out now at things to say, because I can feel the glare and fury from anyone reading this who studies ‘sciencey’ subjects or who actually has a job. 

…I’m not even sorry!



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