Women (part 2)

My roommate’s boyfriend is asking at this moment why women start their periods at the same time. Apparently it is something to do with pheremones (?) according to my nurse roommate. It is pretty weird thinking about it though… but in these days it doesn’t seem to occur as much. This is because we all use different kinds of contraception to prevent us from getting up the duff, so our cycles are controlled by the pills we take.

I don’t take pills anymore, as my boyfriend doesn’t like them, he says they are unnatural. Well, I’d say having a baby is very natural, so sometimes being natural is pretty terrible. 

Like now, I am wearing less make – up than usual because I am hungover, therefore sporting the ‘natural’ look. I am hungover from drinking two bottles of Jacques last night at a friend’s 21st. I think it was the bubbles, as each bottle was only 5%, embarrassingly enough. I have numerous bruises across my legs, spots on my face (due to the alcohol) and a tired body in general.

I have forgotten why I titled this post ‘Women (part 2)’. I think I might be still drunk, or lost a significant amount of brain cells from the alcohol.

This can perhaps be classed as a piece of advice to any younger readers, don’t drink, kids. You’ll end up like me, and start posting really terrible blogs, ruining your reputation as a blogger. Even though I don’t have a reputation yet. I’m achey!



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