Sitting in the library at the moment, and it’s dark. This is because nobody who works here has turned on the lights, because they are all on strike. The library is a cold, dark and silent place today. Not much change there, then.

It’s a bit annoying to be honest, as I keep falling asleep/daydreaming/listening to the soundtrack of ‘The Notebook’ whilst gazing out of the window/sleeping. This darkness in no way is going to help me to write my 4000 word essay on ‘the plain sense of things’ regarding Elizabeth Bishop and William Carlos Williams. That’s what I am supposed to be doing instead of sending snapchats and writing this.

Sometimes I feel like I should just be given the grade – I know there is a first class degree inside me somewhere. Why can’t my tutors see this and reward me anyway, regardless of my inability to reference and ‘cohere’. 

How can an essay ‘cohere’ though? If my tutors want to see my point of view in my essays, why can’t they have a sneaky-peak here on my blog, then they will definitely get to see my side of view. Instead I have to structure everything ‘coherently’ to the point where my entire essay has a sense of static-ness about it. What happened to stream of consciousness writing?! What happened to freedom of speech?! Why can’t I swear in my essays? William Carlos Williams you cheeky bugger. 


4 thoughts on “Strike

  1. Hi – curious as a fellow English Lit student, have you found any graduate jobs that strike your interest?

    – Peace.

    • Hello!

      I had a look the other day, and only one seemed of interest. Have a look on the BBH School of Ideas website:

      They are taking on applications now for an apprenticeship next year, I applied the other day.

      Apart from that, unless I did a post-grad in Engineering or Accounting, I’m pretty much screwed. Let me know if you find anything!


      • There’s quite a lot of entry media and publishing related jobs around the Manchester/MediaCityUK/Salford areas. I don’t know if that’s what you’re hoping to go into or not but you clearly enjoy writing and literature related media.

        Just sharing what I’ve found anyway.

        Take it easy.

      • Oh cool, I’ll have a look into it – I was thinking of moving down South after graduation though but beggars can’t be choosers!

        Thanks for reading and for your advice,

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