Now, if you think this is going to be a soppy blog, think again. I am currently watching ‘Letters to Juliet’ whilst feeling very delicate after my escapades last night as a blind mouse drowned in Jacques cider, and the film is only making me feel worse. In fact, I feel physically sick.

The acting is absolutely terrible, there’s a guy (who we all knew from the start was going to be the love icon due to the  Darcey-esque relationship with Miss Amanda Seyfried at the beginning) and he obviously had the worst English accent one could possibly have. I Googled him, and he’s Australian, of course. 

There’s also an ice cream fight scene, with the pair of them playfully shoving Italian ice cream into each others faces. Now, I plan to go to Venice next year with my boyfriend and if he did that to me, I would run away with an Italian man and never look back.Nobody wastes good ice-cream. In fact, nobody wastes mediocre ice-cream. 

The two characters begin to talk about their beliefs in destiny, which I believe is the most cliche and obvious conversation in a rom-com. In real life, conversations with your loved one usually range from:

‘What shall we eat for lunch?’

‘Why didn’t you buy the low fat cheese?’

‘Do I look fat in these clothes?’

‘Why can’t you do the washing up for once?’

So, to conclude, this film is shit.


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