Get up at 7.30am, she said.

Be at the library at 8.30am, she said.

Do a solid 4 hours work at least today, she said.

The she I am referring to is myself. This particular version of myself who made all of these ridiculous demands was the girl sat in bed playing on ‘Lep’s World 3’ till 3am, thinking that 4 hours sleep would do me right. Low and behold, that little leprechaun fooled me into this foolishness, as it didn’t do me right. Not at all. I got up at 9.30am, in the library an hour later and where am I? Oh, that’s right, updating my blog, thinking about playing ‘Lep’s World 3’. 

Do I want to research Elizabeth Bishop? Nay! 

Do I have to? Yes. 

So this particular version of myself is pissed off at yesterday’s optimistic self at thinking anything today could be possible with 4 hours sleep. I feel sorry for the mothers out there. 


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