Has anything ever been the bane of your life? Like, any time it is mentioned in conversation, you see it right in front of you or is even thought about, your blood starts to boil and you become irrational, hot, sweaty and increase the number of frown lines you’re already beginning to pick up as a twenty year old?

I have. It’s called FIFA.

I literally, and I mean literally, cannot stand it. I don’t think I’ve ever hated anything as much (cucumber, my father and coriander are all in the top five) but this stupid game surpasses them all in my ferocity. There is no point to it, it is ridiculously boring and yet it is the cause of 87% of the arguments I have with my partner. It makes me seethe hell vented fury.

I hope other girls like me, or boys, understand the pain I go through when this damned game kicks it’s way into my life. The things I like that he doesn’t are at least entertaining – cough
Made in Chelsea cough New Girl cough Gogglebox – this thing literally has no point.

And this is where I conclude, seething beyond belief.


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