Disney is false but is better than life

I had quite a few dramatic moments today, the kind where you sort of laugh at a comment such as ‘Our degrees in English are jokes’ but that laughter comes very close to tears, and probably in my case, wailing. 

I have never questioned my degree more than this year, where next year is evermore looming towards me like a ticking bomb, waiting to explode into real life and job insecurity. I definitely have ‘the fear’ of being career-less after I finish uni; why did I not choose something like Medicine or Dentistry in my UCAS application? Them guys are sorted! For life! And I am also sure they all did Drama at A Level, making me just as good a candidate as them. Don’t forget my A* in General Studies, any my ability to quote every Disney song ever made with definite pen-ash.

The sad thing is, today my friend heavily persuaded me to go out for drinks until I finally agreed (he asked me twice) so off I went, with a heavy heart and sore shoulders from carrying my bulkish laptop. Unfortunately, drink made things slightly better. Now, I say unfortunately because this is the beginning of a downward spiral; an unsteady slope; the end. If drink makes everything better, how long is it going to be ’till I am drinking in the morning, brushing my teeth with a bottle of Jacks (Daniels, the fruity cider, or both), strolling the streets with an untamed moss of hair, reading my Personal Statement over again with a cackle of disgust and ironic tone, yelling at the first years to give up, to give up now I say. 

So today hasn’t been brilliant. I did just apply for work experience in Random House though, as Disney music seems to have made things a little better. I might just go work there, in Disneyland, forever. 


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