Jessica Day

‘Will this post be about the really cool and pretty actress who is 100% able to pull off a full fringe’ I hear you cry? NO! My hamster. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have bought a hamster. She is called Jessica Day (originally called Dumpling, but she just doesn’t look like a Dumpling) She is a long haired Syrian hamster and she has been my best purchase of the year. However, we did not start off well.

Before I bought her, I had my eyes on a blond little number first, thinking that we could be twins. However, she proved to be a bully, as I saw her clambering on top of a little ginge who was trying to catch some shut-eye. It was like school all over again. 

I saw Jessica Day. The first thing I noticed about her was not her long hair or her mixed pattern on her fur, it was the fact that she looked hungover. She was perfect. I had to have her. 

I was given a box to bring her home in, and unfortunately being a student I had to take her home on the bus. The bumpiest form of transport. Jessica looked very worse for wear when I put her in her cage. 

I had images of us that night connecting at every level possible; spiritual, emotional, social… however this was not to be. To my huge dismay, she was shit scared of me. She made a bed in the far corner of her cage, as far away from me as possible, and would hiss at me if I stuck my hand in her cage. I found myself begging her to love me, but she would simply hiss in reply and recoil in fear back to her retreat of fluff. 

The days went by, my heart sunk as each day brought with it a new hiss. When she became a little more accustomed to me, I decided it was time we got her out of her cage. My roommates and I fashioned a fort with old magazines, thinking it was foolproof. Good old Jessica Day had a sniff around the fortress, and immediately found the weak areas. With one sharp push, she burrowed herself out of our clutches and made a dash for the unthinkable; under the sofa. 

After this adventure (when we finally managed to get her back into her home, after half an hour of heavy lifting and myself getting more panicked and shrill by the second) she resorted to being just as scared as day one. My hopes were tarnished. I have just bought something that hates me. Good purchase, Beth.

BUT TODAY IS A HAPPY DAY! She let me hold her, and, what’s more, she clambered on my neck and massaged me. I have photographic evidence. I was jubilant, it truly was a Christmas miracle. All it took was one week, some yoghurt drops and perseverance.

The moral of the story? Pining always wins. 



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