I think I’m really annoying. Especially my voice. Seriously, why am I so shrill? And why do I vary between posh and ‘ScAAArborough’? Proper Yorkshire like. 

I’m also very needy. I can’t be alone for more than a few minutes without wanting to talk to someone. I still need to do my washing. I played on LEGO Lord of the Rings t’other night and got to a hard bit and gave up. I seem to only read the first half of books. I sleep in far too late. I always buy coffee when I can’t afford it. I got the same mark in an essay despite thinking I improved it. I called someone Doctor Who last night because he was wearing a dicky bow. I’m not very politically correct. I have a really annoying spot on my head. I really should be doing some work. I can’t stop listening to AM. I have an obsession with Beyonce. I’m on a shake diet and I’m already hungry. I don’t quite know the point of this post. I have a clicky jaw. 

Genuinely don’t know how to end this one! I’m too delicate today to care, so here is a picture of a cat and a reptile creature. 



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