After not doing work for about three weeks, I decided that I was going to do some today. I have an exam to revise for (yes just the one, yes I do English, yes I know you all hate me) and a 4000 word essay to complete (see!). So I sat down with my work snacks – a chicken Caesar wrap from tesco and it was horrendous; they just don’t do Cajun chicken anymore which was the best type by a mile. Anyway, I sat down for a few hours and I really managed to make a difference! I feel like I started again, made a fresh start, turned a new page, pulled a new leaf, insert other motivational quotes here. I feel quite proud of myself and I just thought I would share my progress on this post.

I chose my essay question. That’s it.

So for those of you who were sat at home scoffing your faces and therefore neglected your uni work, who then felt annoyed and guilty that I was going on about how good I have been, you can all breathe a sigh of relief.

And I’m not going to do any more tonight, as it’s Made in Chelsea Monday and I have a hamster to feed (play with).


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