Holly jolly Christmas

This is my first Christmas away from
home so I am regarding it as an important life milestone kind of thing. It’s pretty weird not having the essentials, like my dog, blounge nights and the all important walk on Scarborough beach, but I’ve been able to do things I wouldn’t normally get to do. And I will now list them here.

As I stayed in Liverpool I went to see Its a Wonderful Life at FACT and it has to be one of the best films I have ever seen. My friend was crying the entire way through; it is truly brilliant. For a good three hours I wished I was born in that era, with the dancing and the old cars and cool curly hair. But if I was in that era I wouldn’t be writing this blog, and would be expected to devote my life to a husband. The thought of marriage at the moment terrifies me so I’m pretty glad to be alive in the 21st century.

What else? Oh I drank baileys yesterday which was lovely. I had control of the remote. Me and my roommate are fully stocked with Christmas food – we even have a cheese selection. We are going to buy knitting kits in the John lewis Boxing Day sale so I’m turning into quite the old maid this Yule time and I love it.

I am sad to be spending time away from my family and friends this Christmas Day but, to end on a cheesy note, it’s a wonderful life and I am pretty fortunate. Therefore I wish you, lovely reader, a very merry Christmas. Eat, drink and eat some more. And be merry. And thankful. God I sound like I’m entering a pageant.

P.S. I turn 20 and a half tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Holly jolly Christmas

  1. =(

    Also, genuine question here – does your bf celebrate Christmas? I would assume not but I’m legitimately curious.


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