New year new shmear

Ok. So I’m not the only person to have complained about this, but after reading about seventy five statuses about how 2014 is going to be the best year ever, let me just stop you now.

Tomorrow is just another day. IT IS JUST ANOTHER DAY! We all like to think we have fresh starts with the new year beginning, but it’s all bull as how many fresh starts do you need in your life?! Nobody has ever said anything like ‘2014 is going to be a continuum of 2013 as I am proud of everything I did’. We all want fresh starts because we want to excuse our bad life decisions, but guess what fellas, the new year isn’t going to change that. Not one bit.

So with all of your hashtags, motivational one liners and attention seeking statuses, read this and be warned. Nothing will change by midnight tonight except the definite hangover tomorrow due to the lack of water in your brain.

So shush.


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