Sorry, before I start this post I must let you know that I literally just rolled up my sleeves before I started typing, as if I was composing some sort of hate message to an ex boyfriend or about to write a really influential speech. I laughed.

Anyway, I am going to talk about phases. This past week, my phase has been weetabix. I eat three in the morning for breakfast, and later in the evening, three at night. I might just put some sugar on them to make them more like a dessert. I am also into crackers, as I am slowly making my way through a family sized box of Jacobs as we speak. Or as I type.

This got me thinking of my other phases; honey, porridge, malt loaf, greek yoghurt, boiled eggs and soldiers, pineapple, party rings – it is amazing how often I ate these items at different times in two week intense periods. Now, porridge and malt loaf makes me feel sick, pineapple literally scrapes the top of my mouth, party rings are too bad for me, greek yoghurt is too expensive and I can never be bothered to boil an egg. Which leaves me with honey.

Honey on toast. Honey drizzled over yoghurt. Honey squeezed onto my finger. Honey dripped into my coffee (oh yeah). I LOVE IT. I am the honeymonster. I can literally see a tube of it to the right of me at this very moment. All the other food phases have subdued, but why am I still addicted to the nectar of the gods? And why have I dedicated a blog to it’s deluxe taste?

I don’t actually know the answer to any of these things. I don’t even know the point of this post.

Literally failing at thinking of a conclusive statement. I can’t even blame revision as I have barely done any. I’ve just watched The Mindy Project and I think I will watch another episode. And maybe get some honey.


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