Hey there, my names Beth and I would like to be your new Student Representative Officer.


How exciting is this!!?

I have decided to run for the post, therefore those of you at uni will soon see my face plastered against the walls/library/gym/facebook etc etc. I do have a few concerns about this though. I am scared that there will be some inappropriate graffiti artists out there who will ruin my face with all sorts of rude icons. To those of you who were thinking of doing this, please don’t. For those of you who only thought of this as soon as you saw it here, please don’t.

I should really talk now about why I am running for the position, instead of ranting about inappropriate symbols. Firstly, and rather honestly, I really do think I would be great at representing the students at UoL. I am into my third year now, and I have issues with the way things are done, and think these need to be changed. Here is a list of my pledges thus far. I have written these in a very formal manifesto that will be published somewhere… so please look at them also later on, as this is just me in typical blog style mindlessly ranting about stuff.

1.ALL OF US should get exam feedback

2. We need to all be aware of the shit landlords that try and entice us in with their sweet sweet words when LOW AND BEHOLD the house looks like something that even the devil would turn his back on. So yeah, more awareness of landlords, and an awareness of the do’s and don’ts of renting.

3. Charity work. We need to do more and give more! We have a RAG at Liverpool, so we should use it. More events, more do-gooders, more cake sales – especially more cake sales.

4. Help out the student published magazines/newspapers much more, as they are brilliant and need help/recognition/money. I am the co-editor of Ellipsis, as I may have mentioned in previous posts, and I know for certain how much help we need (any advertisers out there reading this now, do get in contact)

And there you have it. I am a clumsy, happy and determined lady who would love the chance to represent the students of the University of Liverpool. When the time comes, please keep me in mind and give us a cheeky vote. I’d be happy. Plus I need a job for when I actually graduate. That’s not the main reason though! Or is it… No!

It’s actually not.

Thanks for reading! (I never say thanks for reading, hence why this post is an important one) 


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