So, my dissertation tutor, a man whom I have idolized since he taught me last year, a man of which I switched my entire module choices around for to ensure that I will have him as a dissertation tutor, a man who is the embodiment of Severus Snape – cold but loving – is not coming back.

Nay, he is not coming back to England. I REPEAT – He is not coming back to England.

I have been abandoned. 

But fear not, he is still my dissertation tutor. How can this be? Because of Skype.

I am actually rather nervous about speaking to my tutor on Skype. What do I wear? Where do I position myself (stop it)? Do I speak to him in my bedroom, or in my living room, or outside in a wooded glen? What do I say when I see the incoming call? “Hello Jon”. Is that too weird? Do I talk about how much of a great scholar he is or do I play hard to get? Do I mention that I have read his book 1 and a half times? Do I ask him about his life, his troubles? Do I share with him my own?

These are all questions that have come into my head ever since I received the email that told me he would not be coming back for me. I feel like I am in an academic rom-com. 

I will update this blog only when I have spoken to him. 

I really hope that he never finds this. Ever. 


2 thoughts on “Dissertation

  1. Hi Beth – this is Jon (your tutor),

    I just wanted to remind you that you should really turn your Skype webcam away from the shower when you’re using it. I got a right eye full last time.


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