OK so I am that hungover that I failed to spell grenade, instead I typed ‘Granada’ like 17 times. 

You have no idea how long it took my to write that sentence.

So, last night was the Ellipsis/English/Philosophy Crawl of Duty. Everyone made a huge effort dressing up, and I like to think I looked like a mini general. I had a hat that was far too big for me, aviators and a dog tag. One member of the team told me I looked like a stripper, but don’t worry Beth, he said, you look like a stripper in a good way. Brilliant.

This morning I woke up to a flaming sensation on my knees. Scabs. Unfortunately, because of how protective I was over my hat last night, I not only fell over and scabbed both knees in front of quite a large audience in order to retrieve my my hat which had fallen on the floor, I actually managed to nearly get into a fight with a girl who stole said hat. I also had a debate with a boy who turned up in the same hat as me, and I cannot find my aviators.

Last night I also managed to get my exam results, and I did pretty well. This resulted in a lot of screaming and jumping around, whilst downing a fat frog. Currently I am sat in me onesie, trying to think if anyone who reads this is going to be able to follow my train of thought. Is it trail of thought or train of thought? I don’t know, but what I do know is that myself and quite a few other people managed to actually defeat Lucienne (our mean tutor who gave us terrible coursework marks).

 If anyone reading this attended last night too, thank you very much for coming, and I apologise if I said anything offensive. It wasn’t me, it was Aeth Btkin. 



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