I have decided to give up the four big C’s in my life for Lent this year; cheese, chocolate, cake and crisps. It’s going to be a long 40 days and 40 nights. This does not exclude ice cream though. Or sweets. They don’t begin with a C. Loopholes.

I haven’t decided to do this because I’m religious, in fact I am quite the opposite. I am giving these up to test my willpower. However, every single year I have always failed Lent.The first time I had a hot chocolate. The year after that, I had to have Ben and Jerry’s because my friend was upset, therefore that was beyond my control. The year after that I think I drunkenly ate a chocolate finger.

This year will be different! I hope. I’ll strive to resist temptation, just like Jesus did in the wilderness, except I’m sure he didn’t have to resist quavers or cheese strings, which are much harder to resist than basic food and water.

Therefore, right this second I am going to make pancakes with nutella – we are doing pancake day early this year as London calls tomorrow therefore I will be on a train whilst the rest of you are busy scoffing your faces and throwing up pancakes because you decided to eat 17 or something ridiculous like that. 

If any of you see me around uni looking hungry or with a devilish look in my eyes, feed me a carrot stick or something and slap me round the face.


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