Yes, this is what I have resorted to. Listening to Westlife, but not only listening. Oh no. Bellowing it out from the top of my lungs, accompanied by excessive hand gestures and arm sways. This, and a ridiculous amount of carrots, unnecessary objects being tidied away and a hoody that I have not and will not remove, this can only mean one thing. It is the Dissertation period.

I will literally think of anything I can not to work upon it. I cleaned out Jess’s cage. I’m making up dance movements to Uptown Girl. I have drank three cups of coffee. I polished the living room. I watched and shared a lecture on feminism. I WILL DO ANYTHING as long as it doesn’t mean actually working. 

I have done quite a bit today; I got up at 7.20am, watched The Mindy Project so by 8am I was actually working (disgusting, isn’t it). Top student I hear you cry! No. I only got up so early because yesterday I didn’t do enough work. So today’s early start was a form of punishment I put on myself. The morning went really well! Except I have crashed. I have been crashing since 3pm. It is now 6 OH MY GOD IT IS NOW SIX PM. I genuinely didn’t even realise. Oh no!

I think I might have to stop panic writing this blog and get back to it. Or make up a dance routine to ‘Mandy’. And check for wrinkles. I can feel them forming. 


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