Sister Sister

I spoke to my older (elder? or older… either?) sister today and we reminisced about events in our childhood. I thought that I would list a few here, as some are quite funny and I don’t want to forget them. Plus it makes a change from me ranting, so here goes.

One time when I was about nine, making her around twelve, she started to chase me around the house. I think she was trying to punch me or something, so I barricaded myself in the bathroom, and put my weight against the door as I don’t think the lock worked. I assumed that would suffice, as I was quite a chubby child. To my dismay, this did not work. She forced her way through the bathroom, and in the process managed to break the door off its hinges. She then blamed this on me, saying that I should have just let her in so that she could get me. I believed her, as I was quite a passive child.

There was another time a few years on when I was in Year 8, and she in Year 10. I had a boyfriend at the time (James Love if you’re reading this, this concerns you) and again, we got into another fight. This resulted in her biting me on the neck. A few hours later, my mum asked me what that mysterious mark was; to save my sister getting into any trouble, I told her that I had knocked myself on a cupboard. My mother is a brilliant liar, and I am not, therefore she knew this wasn’t true. She thought that I had a love bite, and she began to go ape shit. It was only until a few minutes later, after having endured the telling off, that I finally admitted that is was Holly, and not James, that had bitten my neck. I don’t think she has ever looked at me more strangely than that day. 

There was another time, when I was 15 and Holly around 17 that we had gotten into an argument, and Holly had found me later being cradled like a baby in my mothers arms, a great big chubby over-sized baby. I do not remember this, yet I can imagine it was an odd scenario to come across. 

I have just realised that these stories are all about us fighting. And myself being pathetic and passive. And my sister being a bully. Rest assured, we have both grown up and changed a lot – no longer do I copy and agree with everything she does, and no longer does she try to hit me. We spent most of the conversation laughing, therefore if there are any young readers out there with a case of sibling blues, don’t worry – wait till you move away from each other, and then you’ll get along. It sounds quite cryptic, but it’s true. 


2 thoughts on “Sister Sister

  1. Sibling stories are the best. 🙂 Enjoyed reading yours. Makes me think about my sisters–also makes me wonder what my kids’ “sibling memories” will include.

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