I thought I would write a late night post tonight because I am really excited because tomorrow I am going home to my actual home not Liverpool I mean my home in Scarborough by the sea and I am going to see the best person in the world and I haven’t seen him in eight months and he’s my best friend and I literally cannot contain my excitement about this meeting which is why my grammar is terrible but I also did bad grammar intentionally because I wanted to emphasise just how excited I am.

I get to see my dog!

He is literally the love of my life, my little brother, my buddy. Although he has gotten me into trouble at various occasions (for instance, a £50 fine by the dog warden was not warmly received, and urinating on an old lady in a wheel chair wasn’t his shining moment of glory), I wouldn’t change him for the world. He is the happiest little being that ever was.

In one respect I wish humans were more like dogs, but then they would probably annoy me. I couldn’t cope with a person who was constantly happy, and who pooed in front of people (I literally spent 5 minutes trying to type out posher words for poo but I gave up, there are no words better to describe the act of pooing. Feel free to suggest any.)

So yeah. There wasn’t a point to this post, but there rarely are. I still get surprised when someone says they read one, and even more surprised when someone says they enjoyed reading it. Either they have mental issues or my blog is actually entertaining.

Thanks for reading, you bunch of head-cases.


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